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Title: Purchasing Manager/Analyst
Part Time
Education Level: Business Administration, Supply Chain or related business field

Responsibilities include working with executive management in preparing the annual purchasing plan, quarterly and monthly purchasing forecasts, and other purchasing management/analyst duties, to include the following:

    Conducting the Company's overall product and component supply purchasing, including overseeing suppliers selection and evaluation in Asia (China, Taiwan, and Korea), Europe, and the North American region;
    Conducting data analysis of purchasing price comparisons both domestic and international to maximum savings for the company;
    Forecasting price trends to recommend purchasing prices, volume, and timing of purchases for products and components;
    Analyzing market changes, researching alternative suppliers, and recommending sourcing strategies and contract terms;
    Developing and maintaining business relationships with industry suppliers, leverage suppliers, and design groups to provide innovative solutions for new computer and related products and services;
    Monitoring the development cycle, managing contractual commitments, carrying out quality and supplier performance measurements, and translating product forecasts and budgets into a purchasing plan;
    Carrying out other purchasing management and analyst duties and responsibilities as assigned.