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Title: Sales/Market Analyst

Part time

Education requirement: Marketing, Business Administration, or related field
Responsibilities including preparing the annual sales and marketing plans, quarterly and monthly sales forecasts, and other sales and marketing duties, to include the following:

    Researching and analyzing all sales and marketing issues and providing reports and recommendations on all matters, including market trends and customers' responses;
    Categorizing and profiling customers to develop targeted marketing data analysis to form effective sales and marketing approaches;
    Analyzing customers' purchasing patterns to identify monthly, quarterly, and annual trends between pricing and quantities and recommending potential pricing and sales opportunities to company's executives' for decision-making;
    Forecasting the Company's sales revenues to support management in business planning and budgeting;
    Carrying out sales data analysis to recommend to management areas for new product development and related promotional offerings to customers;
    Analyzing factors that would result in an increase or decrease in sales demands, including monitoring sales data throughout the year, and providing timely reports of the results;
    Working closely with the sales team to plan, execute, report and evaluate the effectiveness of current sales and marketing strategies and implementation;
    Conducting quarterly competitor analysis to track and strategize  market offers against others in the marketplace to insure competitive positioning;
    Carrying out additional sales and market analyst duties and responsibilities as assigned.